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Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Tooth-Colored Fillings are a composite material made of a fluid matrix of acrylic, glass and trace minerals with zirconium and titanium oxide to give it color and opacity.

Tooth-Colored fillings are used to in dental restorations because the color of the composite can be made to closely match the color of teeth making dental work almost unnoticeable.

The use of Tooth-Colored fillings has many advantages aside from matching the color of your teeth:

* They don’t require removal of enamel due to a chemical bond

* Restore 85% to 95% of the original strength of the tooth

* They completely harden in a fraction of the time as other materials (usually in seconds)

* Minimal and brief discomfort due to tooth sensitivity

* The entire tooth can receive the composite rather than just one side as in other procedures

* Easily repaired

Care should be taken after receiving Tooth-Colored Fillings. They do stain with frequent exposure to foods and drinks that stain such as, coffee, red wine, and curry. Also, they are not as strong as metal fillings and can degrade with frequent drinking of alcoholic beverages.

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