Dental Implants

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Dental Implants are a common and effective procedure to replace the roots of teeth. This allows for the implant of an artificial tooth directly into your mouth. The procedure is relatively painless and your discomfort should be minimal. We welcome our patients from Moonee Ponds, Essendon, Brunswick, Deer park, St Albans and all surrounding areas that come to us because of our expertise in this area.

The strength and durability of dental implants are unparalleled. The implanted teeth become a part of your mouth giving you the feel and comfort of your own teeth and it can last a lifetime. You will find everyday activities such as speaking, eating, and chewing just as easy as with your own teeth.

dental implant before and after smile

You and your dentist will determine a treatment plan to address your specific needs for this procedure. Dental Implants is a multistep process, though it is possible to get all the work done in one visit. This will be determined by your dentist.

Why choose a Dental Implant?

* Look like your own teeth

* Help you speak better unlike poor fitting denture

* Eating is easier because the teeth are a part of your mouth

* You will feel better about your smile

* Extremely durable and can last a lifetime

* Convenient, replacing the need for dentures

* Dentures can improve your oral health by making flossing easier and because the process of dental implants does not require removing material from other teeth. You will have more of your own teeth left intact.



Invisalign invisible braces


invisalign smile and band braces

Invisalign® aligners are custom-made removable retainers that slip over your teeth that we provide for all our patients in the Mooney Ponds, Brunswick and surrounding areas. They are created in a series from the current position of your teeth to their final position. With each new series inserted (typically every other week) your teeth will slowly adjust and situate closer to their final position. If you have mild or moderate crowding or spacing issues Invisalign® aligners are right for you. Many complex cases can also be remedied with Invisalign® aligners.

Invisalign® aligners are not well suited for children since their teeth are still growing and developing. The process will usually take between 10 and 24 months. The more your bite is off the longer it will take. If you had braces as a child you can correct slightly shifted teeth in a little as 10 weeks.

woman holding invisalign braces

The benefits of using Invisalign® aligners over traditional metal braces are tremendous:

* Ease of maintaining oral hygiene

* Eat the foods you like

* Live an active lifestyle

* Cleaning is easy

* Experience 50% faster treatment time

* Proven results

* Superior fit and comfort

* Supports a wide number of cases

* Invisalign® for teens even has indicator letting them know when to take them out

woman wearing invisalign braces

It starts with a consultation with your dentist. Your dentist will painlessly scan your teeth and develop a customized treatment plan for you. Your scans will be made into your very own customized Invisalign® aligners. The dentist will assess your progress from beginning to end. When you are finished with your treatment just take care of your dazzling new smile!

Inlay and Onlays

The difference between an inlay and an onlay is the location of the repair. Inlay’s repair the center of the tooth. Whereas, onlay’s repair the cusps or points of the tooth.

Inlays and Onlays are sometimes considered a more conservative substitute to tooth repair in instances such as, full dental crowns. The benefits to getting an inlay or onlay are not only aesthetic but functional. They provide:

* Custom fit and a great alternative to a crown

* More difficult to discolor than resin filling

* A minimum amount of tooth material is removed

* Can make your teeth easier to clean because the fit is custom

* Seal the teeth better than direct composite fillings

* Can strengthen and stabilize your tooth

* Can protect weak areas of your teeth

Inlays and Onlays are a type of indirect dental restoration technique that treats the infected or damaged area in two steps: the first step is to prepare the inlay/onlay and the second step is to insert the inlay/onlay. Thus, inlays/onlays require 2 visits to complete.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges replace the lost tooth with an artificial tooth that helps to fill in the gap or “bridge” the teeth together. The neighboring teeth, often dental crowns, provide support for the bridge attachment.

Additionally, dental bridges provide the following:

*Restore your smile

*Return the ability to chew and speak correctly

*Give you a stronger bite

*Preserve the shape of your face

*Prevent drifting of your remaining teeth

All bridges depend on its foundations. It’s important to maintain strong and healthy teeth. Dental bridges can last up to 15 years or longer with good oral hygiene and regular check-ups.

Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns are typically used to cover and support the teeth after a large filling or when there is not enough of the tooth left to support itself such as, after an injury. Dental crowns can be permanent or temporary.

Dental Crowns provide support for other dental procedures, protect weak teeth from breaking or can be used to repair broken teeth. Dental crowns are great for cosmetic modifications and are also a good way to treat discolored or malformed teeth or discolored or misshapen implants.

There is a wide variety of material that dental crowns come in to match the color of your teeth or your personal taste:

* Metal (stainless steel, gold, other alloys)

* Porcelain fused to metal

* All resin

* All ceramic or all porcelain

* Zirconia or milled crowns

If you received a temporary crown you will want to minimize the chance of it dislodging or breaking. Follow these rules to maximize the life of your temporary crown: avoid sticky foods, do some of your chewing on the other side of your mouth, avoid hard foods, and slide material out when flossing rather than lifting it out.

Dental crowns may last up to 15 years with good oral hygiene and regular check-ups. Ultimately, wear and tear on your teeth will determine the lifespan of your dental crown. So, avoid mouth related habits such as, grinding your teeth, clenching your teeth, chewing ice, biting fingernails, and using your teeth to open packages.


Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Tooth-Colored fillings are used to in dental restorations because the color of the composite can be made to closely match the color of teeth making dental work almost unnoticeable.

The use of Tooth-Colored fillings has many advantages aside from matching the color of your teeth:

* They don’t require removal of enamel due to a chemical bond

* Restore 85% to 95% of the original strength of the tooth

* They completely harden in a fraction of the time as other materials (usually in seconds)

* Minimal and brief discomfort due to tooth sensitivity

* The entire tooth can receive the composite rather than just one side as in other procedures

* Easily repaired

Care should be taken after receiving Tooth-Colored Fillings. They do stain with frequent exposure to foods and drinks that stain such as, coffee, red wine, and curry. Also, they are not as strong as metal fillings and can degrade with frequent drinking of alcoholic beverages.

The dentists here at Paramount Dentistry are experts with experience in providing excellent dental bridge services to the surrounding community. Call or visit today to make your appointment.


Cosmetic bonding a procedure that uses a tooth-colored resin that is applied and hardened with a special light that helps it fuse to the teeth. This is a versatile procedure that has many applications such as:

* Repair of decayed teeth

* Repair of chipped or cracked teeth

* Improving the appearance of discolored teeth

* Closing gaps between teeth

* Changing the overall look of teeth

* Cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings

* Protection of exposed teeth after gum recession

Cosmetic bonding is also an inexpensive option to more costly procedures such as veneers and crowns. It can also be completed in a relatively short amount of time, 30-60 minutes, per tooth with a minimal amount of enamel removal. However, bonding is not as stain resistant and doesn’t last as long compared to other restorative procedures like crowns, veneers, or fillings. This makes cosmetic bonding ideal for temporary corrections.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are crafted very thin and with materials the color of your teeth. They are an excellent corrective option for:

* Broken or chipped teeth

* Gaps

* Permanents stains on the teeth

Also, porcelain veneers fit your mouth naturally. So, you don’t have to be concerned about having an awkward smile from your dental work.

With all the positives that porcelain veneers provide keep in mind the process is not reversible this is because a small amount of enamel must be removed to fit the porcelain veneers. So, avoid coffee, tea, and red wine. It is also possible that a veneer may chip or fracture.folders/0B8lPgRzQW-xjRnJER1RIMFRsR3M


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening, nice and fast

comparison of tooth whitening before and after

Teeth can become discolored and stained for several reasons such as lifestyle, history of injury, or medical condition. This staining and discoloration can build up over time often resulting from:

* Tobacco Use

* Medications

* Food and Drink

* Age

* Mouth Trauma

Having your teeth whitened will let you achieve the dazzling smile always wanted. It’s easy and with just one visit only takes about an hour of your time.

At Paramount Dentistry, you have a choice between an in-office treatment or the at-home application kit for your convenience. The in-office procedure can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades in about an hour (depending on discoloration). The at-home kit will give you similar results to an in-office visit in just a few weeks.

Just come into the office so our dentists can determine the discoloration of your teeth, the sensitivity of your teeth, how much time you want to spend on the process, and which method is right for you.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening:

zoo, teeth whitening with woman


This is a very popular in-office whitening procedure performed by dentists everywhere. This is a tried-and- true procedure that is not only safe but effective and fast. It is also quite simple to perform and best of all it’s affordable!

With the ZOOM! in-office teeth whitening system a whitening gel is applied to the teeth. Used with a state-of- the-art and specialized LED light the whitening gel is activated inside the tooth and stains and discoloration begin to fade.


The at-home whitening kit does require a visit to the office. Impressions of your teeth will be made. These impressions will be cast into bleaching trays that allow you to do the whitening process at home or where ever and whenever you want.

You can receive bleaching trays for the top or bottom teeth or both. The whitening gel is provided for the trays. Use the gel and trays for an hour a day you will see results like that of an office visit procedure. The dentist will provide you with all the information you need to get started to have a whiter and brighter smile in just a few weeks.

We recommend ZOOM! in-office teeth whitening with the ZOOM! at-home teeth whitening kit for the best and longest lasting results.

Whitening does not affect the color of your fillings. You may want to replace older fillings to match the color of your whiter, brighter teeth.